Plum-line Vertical alignment is key.

  • 2022 Durango Reunion

    We gathered to celebrate Mom’s 92 and enjoy each others company one last time at the 3rd avenue home in Durango.

  • Travels with Nash

    Our ‘first trailer’ was a 2014 Nash 23D. Weighing in at just under 7,000 pounds dry and 24 feet, it was the perfect trailer to learn to love the RV lifestyle. We spent the first 2 ‘seasons’ testing out the lifestyle with a 1999 Ford F250 diesel left over from our landscape business. We were […]

  • New Cougar 30RLS Fifth Wheel

    We stopped off in Albuquerque Camping World to shop for a propane heater for the Nash and came back with an electric fireplace. (in a new fifth wheel)

  • Blog updates

    In 1980 we left Durango in our Volkswagen van with all our worldly possessions. We lived in a tent that we pitched next to the van. It was really a great tent (if you were in the desert) and had an awning that magnetically attached to the top of the van to create a breezeway. […]

  • Family Images

    Sometimes you just need a spot to store some fresh images. This is that spot.

  • Caleb and Zach in cave

  • The box

    I dug a piece of 1 x 10 out of the old chicken coop for a project, not really sure what project. As I attempted to remove some of the peeling paint off one side, I discovered something interesting. Beneath the really heavy layer of yellow paint was another layer of red, which I can […]

  • New Lathe

    I finally got around to purchasing a replacement lathe. My old lathe was just too big for my little shop. I attempted to make a lathe out of various bits and pieces, and even turned a couple items with the lathe, but holding the work was sketchy at best. The new lathe is smaller, a […]

  • Ben Turns 4

    Ben celebrated his 4th birthday at the Seattle Children’s Museum with friends and family on Dec 13, 2014. He had lots of fun and got some great gifts. He and his friends ran around the museum, or perhaps walked quickly when the parents could make that happen.

  • New counters!

    We just got new granite countertops and did some miscellaneous cabinet work on the kitchen and I thought it would be good to add some along the way pictures. I still have some drawers, shelves and doors to finish, but the new granite looks great.

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