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I have been creating Christmas gifts for more years than I can count. Each year as Christmas rolls near, I head out to my shop and let the creative juices flow. Hopefully that doesn’t include the kind of juices that require band-aids!

This past year I had a great idea, make plum-bobs for each of my sons. This involved turning them on the lathe. I also created letters to go with them which detailed the use of plum-lines and told where, in scripture,God used a plum-line to indicate which side we should be on.

They loved the gifts (notably their wives were touched) and I thought that it would be great to share this unique gift with the world and perhaps those less inclined to build their own gifts for others. That was the beginning of plum-line.com, a virtual shopping area for unique hand crafted gifts with sentimental meanings

I have been making things of one sort or another in my shop for years and would welcome the chance to create something special for you!


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